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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tips for a Gentleman On a Budget

Money may be a little tight sometimes, but a gentleman always finds ways to take care of that special someone in his life. Here are a few suggestions on how to save money without sacrificing the experience.

Free Movie Tickets: Go to to look for local showtimes. Next to the theater listing, there’s a blue button that says “Get Ticket Free!” To receive free movie tickets, all you need to do is sign up for a free offer such as online music,, or free online games. You can purchase a $25 gift certificate for just $10 to thousands of restaurants. Better still, type in the promo code “spork” and you’ll receive another 50-80% off. I just purchased $75 of gift certificates for $9. Amazing!

Monitor There’s a good chance your girlfriend already monitors this site, but you can always beat her to it! Groupon negotiates huge discounts on popular local goods, services and cultural events. You can get a great deal, learn about a new local business, and experience your home city without having to pay full price.

Rent a Movie: If you still go to Blockbuster, it’s time to move on. Use your local RedBox at the grocery store to rent a movie for $1 a day. Or visit your local library to find a huge selection of movies for free.

Visit a Museum: Many museums are free or ask for donations. Get cultured and save money.

Don't use a coupon on a first date. And be creative on how you plan the evening. You can surprise her or plan in advance for a date night. As long as you are focusing all your attention on her, you can just make a joke about using a coupon. After all, it's the quality time together that matters!

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